Post-Game: Randy Shannon

The Canes lost 31-7 to Virginia Tech on Saturday. Read on to see what coach Randy Shannon was saying after the game.

Opening Statement:
"Tough loss tonight to a very good football team. Give credit to coach Beamer and his coaching staff and the players of Virginia Tech. They did a very nice job of coming out and executing what they wanted to get done offensively and defensively. I told the players on the team, the last four out of five times that we've played Virginia Tech I've told the players this was going to happen: whoever can stop the run and whoever doesn't turn the football over, that's usually who wins the game. Whoever rushes for the most yards, that's usually who wins the game. You look at it tonight: they ran the football, we did not stop the run, we had turnovers, they maybe had one… and I think when you play Virginia Tech, that's what you have to be sound on and we weren't tonight."

What about tackling?
"Bad. Everything from tackling, guys not wrapping up, that's what you're going to see when guys running as much as they yardage-wise. You ask me about tackling – that was yardage. Guys not doing their assignment – we're going to lose the football game. Same thing on offense: if we can't run the football and block those guys up front, our passing game isn't going to go like it's supposed to. They were in their comfort zone. They got ahead and we couldn't block them in the running game so when you start throwing the football, it becomes a feast or a famine. Jacory (Harris) got hit a couple of times but he'd bounce back and keep going."

"Both teams had to play in it. We've scrimmaged in it plenty of times. They just came out and they beat us. You've got to give Virginia Tech credit, fellas. I mean they're a good football team and they always play us tough. "I think there were a lot of crucial plays in this game that could have changed it in our favor. When they muffed a punt, we didn't have anybody down there to recover it. They got it back. Two drops by Jimmy. Then, we had two guys out there to tackle a guy on a long 60-yard run and that was crucial cause if you get that guy down, it's still third and long and we have the field position."

What did you tell them at halftime:
"They put themselves in this situation as a football team. We talk about the tackling and the run defense and run offense to keep them off balance. We've got to come out in the second half and have a good kickoff return which we did. We went down and scored which was good. Then had a three and out. And things happened in our favor but that big run and those two drops by Jimmy really turned the tide of the game back to them."

Blocked punt?
"Blown assignment by one of the guys on the outside."

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