Post-Game: Frank Beamer

Virginia Tech defeated Miami 31-7 on Saturday. Read on to see what Hokie coach Frank Beamer was saying after the game.

Opening Statement:
"I am really proud of our football team, and I say ‘team'. The way we won together as a football team with all areas contributing, I like that a lot. I think we beat a heck of a football team; a very skilled, well-coached football team. I am proud of this program, I am proud of our coaches, I am proud of our players and I am proud of what happened out there today."

Can you explain how you did in the kicking game in these conditions?
"Every kick was an adventure out there, we finally stopped kicking high. We just couldn't get any distance on those balls. Every snap was an adventure too."

How do you think the early start helped your team?
"That was a very confident football team coming in, and they should be. I told [our guys] we could hang in there, but I told them we need to hang in there early. I was proud of our crowd too, I don't think anybody left. Nebraska says they have the greatest fans, but I think we have the greatest fans. It was a great all-around win for Virginia Tech."

Can you talk about what you told your team all this week.
"We talked about what this program has been about. We have been able to win 10 games the past two years, and we have a lot of pride in this program. It is a fact you didn't hear a lot about Virginia Tech this week, you heard a lot about Miami this week and rightfully so. But I am proud of our guys."

Did you prepare for the conditions coming into this game?
"In pregame this morning, I didn't know if it was going to rain or not, and I didn't care. I wanted to get out there and get after these guys. We played great. I thought we rose to the occasion and I like that."

How did Tyrod play today?
"I like our quarterback a lot. I think he is a winner all the way, and he responds to challenges. He has the respect of our football team, and I thought he had a fantastic game."

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