Jacory: Leave us alone. We got this.

Jacory Harris struggled in Miami's 31-7 loss to Virginia Tech on Saturday. He wasn't too happy about it either. Read on to see what he's talking about.

On VT's defense:
Virginia Tech came out here and put a lot of pressure on me. They have a great defense. Every year they have a great defense and they showed it tonight. I credit their coach. He's a wonderful guy. They're ranked in the top 10 every year so you gotta be ready to go against an opponent like that.

On if they were better than FSU and GT:
I'm not too sure.

On getting pressured more tonight:
That goes with the game. Football is about getting pressure on the quarterback. We gotta bounce back and move forward. Tonight is over. Lets move on.

On the dropped balls:
I never blame my receivers about dropping passes. Maybe I need to make better throws. I gotta put it in the chest when it's wet and can't have them catching it with their hands. I don't blame nobody. I take the blame for everything that happened tonight.

On the weather:
The weather wasn't a factor. We had to go out and compete. Weather is there throughout life and football and we gotta make plays no matter the conditions.

On his grip:
I can grip the ball in the ain.

On the strong second half start:
In the second half we came out and stepped it up. We ran the same plays we ran in the first half, just executed them better.

On Oklahoma:
We gotta move on. We lost this game. We understand now it's time to put our best foot forward. There's still a lot of games to be played and Oklahoma is next.

On getting motivated after this:
This team doesn't need much. They understand a loss is a loss and it's unacceptable. It's not gonna be much I'll have to say because this team can do it themselves.

On the weather affecting throws:
Sometimes you can't fit things. Like on the dig route to Byrd, Chancellor made a great play but I couldn't put enough on it. I know we couldn't go deep like we wanted to. We couldn't get the big plays and the big throws but we still gotta make the small things work.

On Jimmy Graham's drops:
Things like that happen. I gotta go pick him up. After that we still had chances. We missed opportunities and it starts with me. I gotta keep everything in order, make sure everyone is on the same page and taking advantage of our opportunities. I told him to keep his head up and that I'm gonna keep coming to you. If you're open and I don't throw it to you, that's my fault. Just move on to the next one, catch balls, and make plays.

On getting hit more tonight:
Everybody thinks since I haven't been hit that I can't take a hit. You saw tonight, I got hit and bounced back up. I'm a ball player. I like getting hit. I don't blame anything on nobody. My offensive line gave me protection tonight. I had some misreads. Everyhing's on me.

On his performance:
I didn't play too good. I came out, missed a couple throws, threw behind some receivers. I fumbled on the screen. Certain things you can't have from a quarterback and I gotta step my game u.

On bouncing back after this:
Guys will come back very determined. I hope a lot of people start leaving us alone. We got this. Stop talking about how the U is back. We're gonna come out and we'll be ready. I'm tired of people talking about stuff like that. It's not a distraction to me but you don't know how different people take that.

On the ACC race:
It's a crazy league. There's so much competition in the ACC, Every week you gotta give your all. There's no opponent that you can just go out and say we're gonna run over them. Last year Duke was a struggle. Virginia was a struggle. We just gotta step up and pull through this.

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