Spence: We just didn't tackle

Sean Spence was part of a defense that gave up a lot of yards on the ground to Virginia Tech in their 31-7 loss to the Hokies. Read on to see what Spence was saying after the game.

On the field conditions:
I'm not gonna blame it on the conditions. We just missed a lot of tackles and things like that.

On VT's success running the ball:
Coming in, like Coach Shannon said, if we could stop the run and run the ball, we can win and we didn't do that. People weren't making tackles.

On VT being real physical:
It had nothing to do with physicality. We came up and hit 'em head on but we just didn't wrap up and drive our feet.

On Tyrod Taylor:
He's a great quarterback with a great arm and he beat us on a couple runs late in the game.

On Ryan Williams:
He's a great running back, runs hard and breaks a lot of tackles.

On where to go from here:
It's over now. We gotta use it as a wakeup call, come back on Tuesday ready to go.

On VT scoring 31 points:
I'm very surprised. The talent we have on this defense is remarkable so to let a team put up 31 is upsetting.

On tackling so well against Georgia Tech:
That was last week. This was a new team, new coaches. We just gotta come back ready to go on Monday.

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