Byrd: There's still a lot of season left

Miami's offense struggled in the 31-7 loss to Virginia Tech on Saturday. Read on to see what Laron Byrd was saying after the game.

On the team getting too confident going in:
Definitely not. We don't buy into that. The only thing to us was executing. We didn't capitalize on opportunities, like on the muffed punts.

On the rainy conditions:
The first half was rainy conditions and that was hard to get adjusted to. We got back out in the second half and just couldn't make the big plays when needed on both sides of the ball.

On changing cleats:
No, we didn't change cleats.

On Jimmy Graham's drops:
I told him to keep your head up, stay focused. Everyone drops passes. Randy Moss and Terrell Owens drop passes. It's not his fault (that we lost). It's a team effort and we lost as a team today.

On the loss:
It was real surprising. Losing is surprising. I congratulate Virginia Tech for playing a great game. We gotta handle our business from here on.

On Jacory throwing in the rain:
He threw the same way. You got some tendencies, like it may slip because it's wet but he had the same composure to me.

On preparing in the rain:
We practice in the rain but it was a little different out here. We didn't come out here and capitalize.

On Oklahoma:
Every game is important, not just like the Oklahoma game. We gotta make sure we watch the film and capitalize on our mistakes and get ready.

On the locker room after the game:
Everyone was quiet at first but it's still early in the season. A lot of teams lost -- Ole Miss, Cal, USC. On any given Saturday or Thursday anyone can lose and it's about how you bounce back. Our leaders say to keep your head up and that it's a long season to go.

On starting 2-1:
We're Miami. It's not about the first two or this one. We're gonna be Miami no matter what. We're supposed to be 3-0. Sometimes you gotta take what's given but you always wanna be undefeated. It's just that things happen. Everytime you play it's 50/50 on winning and losing.

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