Coach Shannon: The day after

Read on to see what head coach Randy Shannon was saying a day after Miami's loss to Virginia Tech.

Coach Shannon addressed the media this afternoon and talked about the following:

* On offense, there were two turnovers, too many mental mistakes, and the team dropped 8 passes -- seven of which would have been first downs and one that would have been a touchdown.

* On defense, missed tackles were the key. They counted 17 of them that resulted in about 180 of extra yards.

* On special teams, the block was a communication problem. "A guy blocked the wrong guy."

* When asked about injuries, he said, "You gotta wait till during the week for me to give you that"

* Don't pay too much attention to the depth chart because it's always changing.

* Re: Sam Bradford -- "We have to prepare for Oklahoma's offense and not just Sam Bradford."

* Jason Fox -- "He's playing OK but he still has to get better. He knows he's gotta get better."

* "We should get Andrew (Smith) back and might get Marcus (Forston) back (for the next game)."

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