Shannon: We have to respond

The Hurricanes are ready to bounce back after Saturday's loss to Virginia Tech. Read on to see what Randy Shannon is saying a few days before the big game against Oklahoma.

Opening statements:
It's a big game for us at the University of Miami. After this fourth game, we'll find out where we are as a football team going up against Oklahoma…a great opponent. Coach [Bob] Stoops is a great coach, and I respect him both as football coach and as a person. They have some guys that we've recruited and their front seven is doing a great job right now. Offensively, they haven't stopped. It's the same offense that they ran last year. The quarterback is doing a great job of letting the receivers and running backs make plays. Everyone is making plays and having fun. It's two teams with one loss and it's great to see it an eight o'clock national game. For us, it's the first time in a while that we have four straight games on [national or regional] TV.

On renewing classic rivalries
It's good for college football to go across the country and play different teams. The more that happens, the better it is for the sport.

On speculating whether or not quarterback Sam Bradford will play
It's the same offense. It doesn't change at all. They run the same plays [no matter who is at quarterback].

On taking advantage of their offensive uncertainties – a new offensive line and new tight ends:
I wouldn't say that. Have you seen the points they're putting up? They're playing Division I football teams and doing a great job of executing all around. They're down a quarterback and a tight end, but they have guys doing a great job. The offensive line may be new, but they're not freshmen and that's key.

On paying attention to Bradford's status
Not really paying attention. They play the same style, drop-back passing.

On Oklahoma's front seven
They have big-time players. We recruited [Gerald] McCoy. They get after you. They're active and that's the strength of their defense.

On Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones' performance as of late
He's patient. He does what he needs to do to get the job done. He drops back, sees the coverage and goes to his reads. It's a timing offense, and he does a great job of dropping back and getting the ball out.

On Miami's defense after the Virginia Tech loss
We did some things that weren't right on defense. We didn't tackle very well and we went back full speed today and got back to basics. Those guys know they have to respond.

On this game helping with recruits in the Midwest
There will be a lot of recruits at our game this week…because it's a big game, a Saturday night game. It will be a good atmosphere from a recruiting stand-point.

On defensive Eric Moncur's playing time
All of the D-Line gets about 25 or 30 snaps per game. I like to keep them fresh, and it's all about rotating those guys.

On BYU's performance against Oklahoma
They made plays offensively and blocked the right guys. Defensively, they got some red zone turnovers and those were the key plays in the game.

On linebacker Sean Spence's play thus far
He's been okay. He just isn't getting the big hits that may stand out, like last year. As you get older, you know you have to get the guy on the ground, get third downs and get off the field. He's making tackles just not the "fan shots."

On safety Randy Phillips
He practiced today. We'll know on Saturday if he's playing.

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