Jacory: I just want to win games

Jacory Harris is coming off a tough game against Virginia Tech on Saturday. Read on to see what he's saying about that, this week's game against Oklahoma, and more.

On the possibly facing a Heisman winner in Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford:
We want to face him. We want to face the best. It would be a good challenge for us, but I don't see how he could bounce back that fast.

On facing the Oklahoma defense
They have a talented front seven - some wonderful guys. They have a lot of talent and depth. It's going to be one of the best defenses we will play all year, so we have to go out there and step it up. It‘s going to be a challenge.

On watching the Virginia Tech game film
I missed some reads and did some things that I probably shouldn't have, but we are not perfect. We understood that we slipped up and let Virginia Tech come out with a win and that's something we can't do [again].

On looking at the rankings
I find out through other people. I watch ESPN, but I only watch NFL and baseball. I don't get a chance to watch any of the college football shows.

On all the attention that he's been getting
You hear your name mentioned on ESPN – and it's nice and everything – but I don't really care. I am just trying to win games with my team. If I was to throw 15 picks in a game, and we get the win, I'm happy.

On what he told tight end Jimmy Graham after dropped passes against Virginia Tech
I just encouraged him. I said, I understand you may feel like you let the team down in a clutch situation, but you're still learning. You've only been here for a year and that is the first time he has been in a pressure situation [in football] where you've got to make the play. I said I am going to keep going to you no matter what.

On the play of wide receiver Lenord Hankerson
He‘s doing well. That's something that shows up in practice everyday. The receivers go out there and practice everyday and perform in practice and it shows up on the field.

On playing OU at night
It's really important because the fans are into the game with us, gives you that 12th man on the field. They get hyped up more for night games, because after the game they probably get to go out and have fun even more. It just caries over.

On missing wide receiver Aldarius Johnson the last two games
I missed him a lot. You notice when your boy is not on the field because you've been playing with him since high school and you have chemistry with him. I wore his number and Marcus Forston's number on my eye black to let them know whenever they saw it on TV that they were with us. Aldarius brings the toughness and swagger. If someone gets him on the block, the next play, he would try to get them on a crack back block or something. He just works hard.

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