DVD: We have the depth to match OU

Demarcus Van Dyke was a true freshman the last time the Canes played against Oklahoma and Sam Bradford threw for six touchdown passes. He's excited about the rematch. Read on to see what he's saying just a few days before the big game.

On Randy Shannon:
He's a fun guy, laid back. He keeps it real with you. Off the field, he's like a father figure.

On OU game on 07:
I was in that game. I was a freshman and kinda got baptized. Sam Bradford and Malcolm Kelly did a good job. I was the victim on one of those (big plays). Those guys really introduced me to NCAA football.

On bouncing back from that:
That's the past. Going against Sam Bradford was great but we'll get a second chance this time to change the outcome. We have a lot of depth now. We didn't have much depth back then. Now we do across the board so we should match up pretty well against those guys.

On the two QB situation:
Landry Jones and Sam Bradford, they're about the same thing. Bradford's a Heisman winner but Jones will be a Heisman winner before he leaves. He's a great passer with a great O-Line in front of him.

On the Va Tech game:
We should have played better, had a lot of missed tackles and missed assignments. We gotta move forward because we got a big game against Oklahoma.

On Randy Phillips:
He's a huge part of our defense, the heart of our defense. Not having him would be a huge loss but we have other guys like Jo Nicolas, Jared Campbell, Vaughn Telemaque, and Ray Ray Armstrong. JoJo and Vaughn can call the signals so we don't have a dropoff.

On the home field advantage Saturday:
Our fans were tremendous for the Georgia Tech game. I know they'll be out there rocking the stadium again so it'll be a good atmosphere for us.

On Ray Ray Armstrong:
He's coming along real well. When he first got here, he was like a raw talent. Now he's out there making checks. Before he leaves here I see him being a Thorpe Award winner. He has to overcome the guys in front of him first. Every time he gets in he makes plays. He got in and forced a fumble. We saw what he can do. He's a tremendous athlete -- 6-4, 235 pounds, and running like a 4.4. He has all the athletic ability in the world.

On Leonard Hankerson's improvement:
If I can cover him in practice, I can cover anyone in the ACC. He's averaging like 25 yards per catch and really turning the corner. If it's 4th and 25, he'll come up with the ball. In practice, he's on the jug machine for like 15 minutes. If Hank drops one in practice, people are like 'what's going on with Hank?' His hands from his freshman and sophomore years till now are way different.

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