Spence: I gotta make more plays

Sean Spence is excited to return to action against Oklahoma this weekend. Read on to see what he's saying just a few days before the big game.

On Oklahoma's two quarterbacks:
They're both great quarterbacks. Watching Landry Jones, he has a great arm. It doesn't matter who plays. They both have great arms. Landry's a drop-back quarterback with a rocket arm, makes all the right reads and checks, things like that. Bradford's a Heisman winner. Watching film from last year, he's tall and lean with a great arm. But with Landry they don't miss a beat.

On the importance of this game:
I look at it like a big test because we're coming off a loss and we gotta respond against Oklahoma, who's a great team. It's even bigger now, especially coming off the loss to Virginia Tech. We'll see how guys respond. I believe in my team, know what we can do. We just gotta go out and do it.

On this week in practice:
I think (Tuesday) was the best practice we had the last few weeks. Guys were flying around from beginning to end.

On the 2007 game against OU:
I saw a little bit of it but I turned it off.

On the spotlight being taken away some:
We're gonna have to play whether the spotlight's on us or not. Guys are gonna have to do their jobs and compete.

On whether a 3-1 start would be successful:
No. I wanted to be 4-0. Coming to Miami, with all the great teams that have been here, I think we could have gone 4-0.

On the Va Tech loss:
There were a lot of things we could have done better -- probably make more tackles, doing the right assignments, things like that. Me, myself, and other guys were in position to make plays but we weren't wrapping up and finishing. It's technique and having that desire. We're working in practice on making sure we're driving our feet.

On being a weightroom issue:
It has nothing to do with the weightroom. We have one of the best strength and consitioning coaches in the world. Coach Swasey does a great job. It's up to us to run our feet on contact.

On his playing weight:
Before the season I was 215. Now I'm playing in the 210 range. Last year I was about 205, 204.

On his progress:
I'm just trying to get better, making sure I do my job. I haven't had a chance for the big hit yet. They'll come. I just gotta keep playing hard and fast.

On playing sam linebacker:
I played both last year. Mostly (at sam) I'm covered up by the three-technique. At will, I have the backside tackle coming at me every play so I like sam better.

On returning home to play:
I love playing at home with the crowd, the famly, the friends, students. It will be a lot of fun.

On the history of the OU rivalry:
I don't know but I've heard some things. They've been at the top. Last year they played for the national title and the year before they competed for one.

On Randy Phillips perhaps not playing:
It's not gonna be a loss. If he doesn't play we'll miss him but we gotta step up to the challenge and he'll be on the sidelines.

On what to expect on Saturday:
It's gonna be a great challenge but the linebackers and the defense are gonna step up.

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