Trump: OU is huge test and we're excited

A.J. Trump has played every snap for the Hurricanes at center this season and he's excited about the showdown against Oklahoma tomorrow. Read on to see what he's saying.

On Oklahoma:
It's an opportunity. We got the mentality that we'll play anybody. They're a good team but we have good athletes here and we're gonna play our hearts out.

On the lack of run game last week:
I don't know, it was just one of those things. Guys were slipping off blocks here, an extra safety in the box there. We had rhythm against Georgia Tech and never got that last week.

On OU's rush defense:
That's exciting to me. They have athletes everywhere. The two guys inside are good. They have two ends who are All-American caliber. They got a lot of guys who are tough.

On OU DT Gerald McCoy:
He's a good player, a top five pick. He can play football. He's big and athletic. The guys here are excited. We wanna test our medal. I can't wait.

On the four-game opening stretch:
Coach Shannon told us before the season that these first four games will show us where we are. Will we be 2-2 or 3-1 now? That's a big difference. It's an important game but all the ones before were important because they were ACC games.

On VT having a leg up in the division race:
It'll shake out. Hopefully Virginia Tech will get a lott in there but we're just looking to grow as a football team.

On returning to home for this game:
Our fans were great for Georgia Tech. On offense, you don't have to worry about the silent cadence or screaming down the line. Our fans here have been great and you definitely like playing at home. If we get a full stadium, I can't imagine how loud it would get.

On the crowd last week:
It wasn't a factor. It wasn't what caused us to lose. It wasn't the fans or the rain, it was us.

On having played every snap so far this season:
It's great. Coach Swasey does a good job getting us in shape. Certain drives you're hurting but more often than not you're ready to get back on the field. We all lost a few pounds and we all feel quicker and in better shape.

On backup center Tyler Horn:
He can play. He'll be a guy here eventually. He's getting there.

On Jacory when he first came in:
He's just the same kid he was when he first got here. He's cool, always been nice. I was excited that he was coming in to help. We needed some quarterbacks at the time. Most guys come in a little cocky but he wasn't. He's just a good, normal kid. He's a little cocky now but nothing over the top. He's just a normal 19 year old kid, real funny, likes to have a good time.

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