Prediction Time: Oklahoma

Gameday has arrived. Some of the writers from CanesTime offer up their picks on the game. Read on to see what they're saying.

MIKE GOHARI: 2-1 season record (62 points off)

Oklahoma 31, Miami 21. As much as I hate to predict a loss for the Canes, after the performance against the front seven of Virginia Tech, I can't predict victory against the Sooners and arguably the best front seven in all of college football. I think the way Miami wins is by creating turnovers on defense by pressuring the quarterback because OU has an inexperienced offensive line. I'm worried about the play of Matt Pipho and him getting the job done. Demareco Murray and Chris Brown are a fearsome tandem and with the problems Miami had against Ryan Williams will continue this week. I'll be there showing my support and I think it'll be a great crowd tonight. Hopefully the Canes come out with the victory.

RAUL TANO: 2-1 (52 points off)

Oklahoma 38, Miami 24. I don't think the Canes defense has enough to stop Oklahoma's offense and OU's front four will disrupt Miami's offense just enough to keep the offense in check. The Canes will finish the toughest opening four-game stretch in the NCAA at 2-2.

MIKE BAKAS: 2-1 (48 points off)

Oklahoma 38, Miami 17. It'll be good for the Canes to return back home to play in front of their home crowd. After playing really well the first two weeks of the season, they laid an egg against Virginia Tech last week. It'll be interesting to see which Miami team shows up this week. If they come out motivated and ready to play, the Canes have all the talent needed to compete with the Sooners. If not, it could be a long night. I think it'll end up falling somewhere in between.

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