Post-Game: Jimmy Graham

Read on to see what tight end Jimmy Graham was saying after the game.

On the touchdown catch:
I had to look it in. To be honest, it was redemption time. Last week was rough for me. The good thing is I kept my head down and worked hard and kept moving forward and it paid off. I had tight grips on that ball. I wasn't gonna drop that one.

On having two catches and two scores:
I hope I can keep up the average. I can use about two or three more next game. I'm gonna continue to work hard and hopefully he'll keep finding me in the endzone.

On reviewing last week's drops:
It was just fundamentals. I was so confident in myself catching the ball -- looking to make a big play, turn, and score. I said I'm gonna look the ball completely in and wrap it up.

On why last week was so different than the other three:
We were focused but people kinda felt the hype a little bit, thinking it would be too easy. No game in the ACC, or any game on our schedule, is easy. You gotta come prepared for a full round battle.

On the four-game stretch being over:
It feels good but we wish we could havr that last one back. It was a big game against Virginia Tech, who's won the conference quite a bit. But all you can do is look ahead. We played four big time games and the fifth one is just as big. I only get one chance at this so I gotta give it my all every down.

On the seniors getting redemption against OU:
Coach addressed us on the field, saying remember when you played Oklahoma before. Play every down like it's your last. This is your national championship game. We were ready for that and it definitely paid off.

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