Post-Game: Jason Fox

Read on to see what offensive tackle Jason Fox was saying after the game.

On starting the second half:
Our defense forced a fumble and we scored on the next play. That's what we're capable of. Now we gotta keep it up.

On what the win means:
It's a great feeling this being my last year and for all the seniors. Me being from Texas and knowing a lot of those guys makes it an unbelievable feeling.

On running with so much success:
It's great but JJ is truly an incredible back. He'll never take the credit himself because he's a real humble guy, a guy you wanna block for.

On Baby J:
I love blocking for him. He's a real hard worker, not gonna talk a lot, real humble. To see him get what he deserves is a good feeling.

On what's prevented JJ from doing this before:
It's been injuries. He's been banged up and it's prevented people from seeing what number five is truly about.

On Ray Ray's big hit:
That was definitely a momentum swing. That got the crowd into it. That's the type of plays he's capable of and that's why you recruit guys like him.

On this being like the UCLA win in 98:
Yes and no. To be honest, we know the type of talent we recruit here but to finally get that type of win is a remarkable feeling.

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