Post-Game: Baby J

Senior running back Javarris James just played the best game of his college career against one of the best defenses in all of college football. Read on to see what he was saying following Miami's big win over the Sooners.

On bouncing back:
We just learned from our mistakes last week. We believed in ourselves. The offensive line made it real easy for Coop, me, and Mike.

On his success this season:
It couldn't be better for my senior year. We got a great offensive coordinator, a great offensive line, and everything's going uphill.

On his O-Line:
They hustled around and blocked their tails off. I felt like I should have scored on that one but I'm alright.

On not breaking that last run for a score:
Sometime I be leaning too much. I was trying to break the defender's arm tackle and I kinda stumbled but I kept my feet and got the first down.

On Mike James:
Mike blocked his tail off. We knew what type of player he was when Pat went out. We had a lot of confidence in him. He's a big guy, has played the position. My hat's off to him. He's been playing fullback, switching from tailback. He's been working at fullback since Pat went down.

On the confidence this team had ater last week:
It's not what people think. We believe in ourselves in this locker room. We gotta keep grinding, keep pushing.

On whether he came in expecting a big game:
I go in every game thinking it's gonna be a big one. Coming into this game it was gonna be a big game. It shows people what I got. But I can't really take credit, it was the offensive line.

On where the team goes from here:
When you beat an opponent like Oklahoma, the sky's the limit. That's a great team and we just came out and were the better team.

On the halftime talks:
Coach was like we gotta have this. Guys kinda settled down. Playing an opponent like that, guys feel they have to do a little extra. Coach Whipple said the defense will create a turnover and we gotta execute and that's what happened.

On how big the win is:
That's the biggest win since I've been here.

On Edge's performance against UCLA in 1998:
That game was in my head all week. My cousin showed up big. UCLA was number three at the time. I was at the game. I kept picturing that in my head. He showed up big against a big opponent and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I wanted to come out and do the same.

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