Post-Game: Randy Shannon

Read on to see what head coach Randy Shannon was saying following his team's 21-20 win against Oklahoma.

Opening statement…
"Great, huge win for us tonight against Oklahoma . Huge for the University of Miami, South Florida and the ACC conference going against a tough opponent in Oklahoma. You got to give credit to coach Bob Stoops' guys. They kept coming back and kept fighting."

"I think you got to give a lot of credit to our guys for what they have been through. They showed a lot of character tonight. Jacory [Harris] had two interceptions early, but you know what, he bounced back. Our running game started going and the defense really came out and did some great things. The sack by Brandon Harris and the forced fumble was huge, and we got off the field on third downs."

"We did a lot of good things. We're excited about this game – tough first four games, but now we got to get ready. We'll enjoy now – don't think we won't enjoy it, but we got to get ready for the next one which is Florida A&M next week."

"I think we did a great job as a coaching staff. I just got done telling the guys that the reason why we were successful is because we went back to basics and we went back to hard work. We worked on a lot of different things and we kept everybody focused. When I came in, Jacory told the team, ‘listen, the only thing we're going to watch on TV from now on is Spongebob. We ain't watching ESPN, CBS or ABC. If Spongebob is talking about us then we deserve it.'"

On the difference compared to last week…
"We just got ready to go, that's all it was. Guys were focused. I told the guys that Tuesday was one of the best practices we had. We got out 15 minutes earlier than we ever have because usually guys have repeats or need to wrap up and tackle, but we didn't have those things this week."

On Javarris James
"Our success as an offense starts with the run. Coming in after halftime I knew what we had to do to get going was to get the running game going. If we get good runs it will open up the pass game, it will get the safeties coming up and we can get big plays. That's our offense we can't get in situations where we make Jacory throw the ball 40-50 times."

On the success of the offense…
"That's our offense – we make you stop the run. If you can't stop the run then we are going to just keep pounding and pounding."

On the state of the team after four games…
"We've got a good football team. We've got some things we need to get better on. We've got to get better on punts coverage. We practiced it and guys just got excited. There are some other things we got to clean up, but they are a big time team. We are getting there, but we got to clean up the little things."

On whether the Miami football team is back…
"We are going in the direction we need to be headed. Our athletic department and trainers give us the full support on where we need to be, but we are not where we want to be. You know this is not the 13th or 14th game of the season so that's why you can't say Miami is back. After the 14th game of the season, then you make the decision on where we are and where we need to be."

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