James: I'll do whatever I can to help

Read on to see what freshman fullback Mike James is saying after the first four games of the season.

On Coach Whip's offense:
It's an offense that involves everybody and basically puts the ball into the endzone as you see. It's a great offense to me. I'm not familiar with any other offenses, just one, and I know that's great to me.

On the offense being outscored so far this season:
I can't speak much on that but we're putting the ball into the endzone and I'm doing what I can to do better.

On the 863 eye black:
The day before the game, I decided on that. I'm just trying to represent Polk County.

On how far this team can go:
As far as this team can take us, as far as we wanna go.

On having any experience at fullback:
I played some fullback in high school. Coach Rob is on me all the time about what I need to do.

On Willis McGahee once playing fullback:
Yeah, that's my favorite player.

On starting the OU game:
I was just excited to be on the field. All I wanna do is get on the field. Since the beginning of the season I just wanted to play and that's what I did.

On Florida A&M:
We look at every team like they're our best game. This game is the most important because it's the next game. We'll play them just as hard as any other game.

On his response to playing fullback:
I'm a fullback-slash-tailback. I do both. When they approached me about it, I said lets do it. Anything to help the team -- I'll play tackle if I have to.

On OU's D-Line:
The linemen kept the D-Line off me. They did a great job blocking the down four and the mike. (I was dealing with) mostly 28 and the other guys.

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