Q&A with Aldarius Johnson

Read on to see what wide receiver Aldarius Johnson is saying after the Oklahoma game and before Florida A&M.

On players at FAMU:
Yes they have number seven. He is really good. He is a good returner. He play. corner, nickel cornerback, he's pretty good. They got some good secondary guys so we just gotta come out and prepare for it and not take them lightly.

On Coach Whipple:
He's really calm. I guess he knows the system like so good that he can read when he watches. He knows what plays to call at certain times and he is a really good coach. He likes to have fun but at some point when he see us slacking off he get on us. He tells us our business but just have fun with it.

On having confidence in Whip:
Yeah that gives us a lot of confidence. We're always saying like he is a good coach, always keep our head up no matter what. He just let us know everything's gonna be all right. He just tells us he's gonna make some mistakes, we're gonna make mistakes, but we just gotta believe in him.

On the hamstring injury:
It ain't bother me at all. I felt real good out there. I wasn't even paying attention to the injury. I was just happy to be back out there with the team.

On Jacory's confidence in him:
That makes me feel real good, cause it take me back to the Deerfield Beach game. We were coming off the one and he came to me four times back to back and we came down, drove down, and scored, and it made me feel real good having a quarterback who has that confidence in me.

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