Q&A with Ray Ray Armstrong

True freshman safety Ray Ray Armstrong saw his first extensive action of the season against Oklahoma last Saturday night. Read on to see what he's saying about that and much more.

On goals this week:
To e competitive come out and do the same thing we have been doing for the past 4 weeks.

On getting up for a game like this:
We just trying to focus on the game. After last game we stopped worrying about the media. We're just gonna go out and play and play with each other and go out and play hard.

On the impact of Coach Shannon:
He has a great effect on us. He tries to, he wants to get the best out of the players. He just wants everyone to come out and don't take any team lightly and just play every team like we played last week.

On not taking FAMU lightly:
It is very important cause if we go out there like lackadaisical, going out there just going through the motions like that's when injuries can happen and that's a bad thing to have like against a team like that. We're just gonna go out and take them as serious as we have been taking the teams these four past weeks.

On his play against Oklahoma:
It was very exciting. I was waiting just waiting for my opportunity. It came during a big game like that so I knew that I came out and played very well. I just wanted to come out, just play good for my teammates because there were only like seconds and I knew that I had it. So I just wanted to come out there and try my best.

On the bit hit:
I don't know, he really surprised me when he jumped so I just kinda put my head down and tried to run through him. That's just something I have been waiting to get. I had been telling myself all week before that I was gonna get a big hit or I was gonna get a pick and fortunately I got the big hit.

On maintaining swagger without getting overconfident:
We just play, that's just in us. Maintaining confidence and focus – it's just like ‘look man we're just confident in everything we do'. We feel that we're gonna go out and win every week. We're just coming out and wanna compete go hard.

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