Ofa Thinking About Options

Euless (Texas) Trinity standout offensive lineman Ofa Mohetau took his final official visit of the season this past weekend when he visited the University of Miami.

"Miami was nice," Mohetau said. "I really enjoyed it there. It's a great place. I got along well with the players and coaches and overall, I just got a real good feeling from visiting there."

The standout lineman said he is now trying to decide between four schools.

"They're all still in it," he said. "I've seen reports on the computer that said I've eliminated certain schools but I haven't yet. I still like those four. Miami's right in with the rest of them."

Mohetau spoke more about fitting in with the players on his visit to Miami.

"They were all cool," he said. "They're all successful players and they really like it there. It sounds like a great place."

The talented lineman said he's not getting anywhere closer to a decision, however.

"It's been really hard," he said. "So many people are trying to call and see what I'm going to do. I tell everyone the same thing -- I haven't made up my mind yet and I'm still trying to weigh my options."

Mohetau said none of the four schools have any advantage right now and he'll be making his decision next week sometime.

"Basically I'll pick the one I feel most comfortable at," he said. "The coaches, the players, the community, and stuff like that. Hopefully I'll know by signing day but I'm not even sure about that yet."

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