Q&A with Mark Whipple -- Part 2

Read on to see what first year offensive coordinator Mark Whipple is saying about Jacory, the offense, and much more after the first four games of the season.

On what Jacory's done best so far:
He's won. He's made plays and stays composed in crucial situations. I had the confidence that I could throw the ball against Oklahoma in a four-minute drill. That's the confidence I have in him. You're gonna throw interceptions, you throw the ball, yeah I don't like it, but its gonna happen. That's not the worst thing you are throwing it in the in endzone. He gets a bad read and we come back from it. I thought he did good at half time against Virginia Tech. We settled him down, said lets go down and score and make this thing a game. He's got some toughness. He finally got banged around a bit against Oklahoma so that was good that he came back out and did a good job Sunday night.

On the difference in talent from here to when he coached college before:
That was 1-AA. Hopefully we recruited better here. Someone asked me the other day. These are the guys we got. I can't go out and draft. I am not gonna ask the guys to do things they can't do. That's a work in progress with all the guys. Pat Hill was out so we can't ask Mike James all the same things so we had to put things in there. We have more depth here than we ever did at 1AA.

On how he feels after college games compared to the pros:
At 11 o'clock Saturday night it was fun and then you come back here and go back to work. I told the guys the same thing: we'll have fun in mid-January. This season isn't as long as an NFL season. We've got only eight games left, which isn't much for the seniors. I just don't want to shortchange any of those guys. We wanna give everything we can to them.

On having his son, Spencer, run the scout team:
It's always great to have your son around. With him, I thought he could help our football team win and I told Coach Shannon that. We didn't have a quarterback to run the scout team. A.J. needed to get better (and not be on the scout team). That's the only reason he's here. It's good to have him around.

On Jacory's instincts versus being taught:
I think you can nurture it and I think you can develop it, but I think it's really innate from his mom or father. Just the way he is. The great ones have that. He is a quarterback. He can handle the pressure. He enjoys it. He doesn't get too wrapped up and he's done a good job that way. I saw it at Florida State and that was a tight venue. You see it every week. He doesn't get too high or too low. We always try to stress play the next play and that's where he does a good job.

On the difference between a coach and a teacher:
I think they're kind of together. I think a coach is probably harder than a teacher. They know when they do well, I'm good and when they do poorly I'm not good. I think these kids have high expectations, but I still don't think they have the expectations I have for them individually and collectively and stressing that and everything else. As human beings, myself included, we don't ever get to where we should go or should be. So what is it? Motivation? How do we get them going? Is it a pat on the back, is it a kick in the rear? Is it a quote here? Is it something Coach Shannon said? Something Coach Stoutland said? Something I said? Something your teammate said? You have to have fun. This is a game, it's a business, but you've got to have some laughs and we have a good balance right now.

On what makes Jacory so good in this offense:
I just think he's a quarterback. He's got a good pulse. He can handle me at times. I told him I'm going to get on you because you're the leader here. You are the guy, you are the quarterback. So sometimes I probably get on him a little too much just to let the rest of the offense know to use him as a sounding board. He's got a world of potential. We have a chance. I think you have a chance to win a championship always when you have a quarterback. When you don't you have to be so fine in all the other areas, so precise that it makes it difficult. When we go down, like we did against Oklahoma, I'm not too concerned. He's a quarterback and a good one. My job is to get him better, and that's what I'm trying to do every day.

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