Prediction Time: Florida A&M

Gameday has arrived. Some of the writers from CanesTime offer up their picks on the game. Read on to see what they're saying.

MIKE GOHARI: 2-2 season record (73 points off)

Miami 45, Florida A&M 14 -- The Canes will roll in this game and I expect to see some interesting lineup changes where guys like Arthur Brown may get more playing time than in recent weeks. The matchup to watch is the punt and kick return game where I think FAMU has an advantage and it would be nice to see UM shut down their returner who has five returns for touchdowns already. I expect the defense to be ready and I'm excited for Ray Ray Armstrong, who I think will make some great plays today. I think they score on a special teams touchdown and then a late touchdown but I think the Canes will dominate throughout. I expect the Canes to create some turnovers on defense as this game should be a game to assert our dominance. The Canes will move back into the top 10 and keep going up.

RAUL TANO: 2-2 (67 points off)

Miami 48, Florida A&M 17 -- Despite the lopsided score prediction, I think there are several interesting storylines here. First, we should see A.J. Highsmith for the first time. Getting Highsmith some playing time should give Miami fans a good idea of what the backup QB situation is like should the unthinkable happen. Expect Highsmith to run the offense as if it were a 0-0 game. Second, we should get a good look at the FAMU return man. Miami has some questions on special teams so it'll be interesting to see how they handle it. Lastly and most importantly, we get to check out FAMU's band. If only the Marching 100's performance would count during the game as FAMU points...

MIKE BAKAS: 2-2 (69 points off)

Miami 45, Florida A&M 10 -- After a tough four-game stretch to start the season, the Canes will get a bit of a break playing against a Division 1AA opponent. Florida A&M has been playing well at that level but none of their opponents so far have anything close to what the Canes will offer up tonight. The keys to this game will be to fix the mixtakes being made so far this season, get through without any major new injuries, and to get a lot of the younger guys (including A.J. Highsmith) some playing time. If those three things happen, it'll be a big success for Miami.

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