Shannon talks team, players

Read on to see what Randy Shannon was saying just a few days before the game against Central Florida.

Opening Statement:
"[UCF] Coach [George] O'Leary has done a great job to get that program where it needs to be at. They are a tough football team. They want to keep the game [close] in the fourth quarter so they have an opportunity to try and win the game. For us as a team, we have to get back to starting fast like we did against Florida A&M and finish the game strong. We have to go out there and try to win all four quarters of this football game."

On talking to the team about letdowns:
"We only talk about getting ready as a football team, and we focus on what we are trying to get done. Last year, they were a tough team and Sharpton made that play on the last play of the game to get us that victory."

On defensive tackle Joe Joseph:
He is doing a great job for us. He has been here five years. He is starting to make some plays for us, and he is always good about doing what the coaches ask of him as far as technique.

On redshirt freshman safety Vaughn Telemaque:
He is doing a great job for us. If you notice the last two games, he has made some calls for us against Oklahoma. The more he plays, the better off he will be as a football player.

On freshman running back Mike James:
Good kid. All he wants to do is win. He plays kick returner, fullback and tailback and does everything asked of him. When he gets the ball, he makes plays for us. When we need him to block, he blocks for us. A lot of the things that he has done has been the key to our success.

On linebacker Jordan Futch's injury:
Someone has to step up. We have more guys at that position so someone has to step up and get ready to play.

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