DVD: Guys are stepping up

Demarcus Van Dyke is playing a key role in Miami's secondary this season. Read on to see what he's saying just before the game against UCF.

On not having a letdown:
We gotta come out and play every Saturday, go 110-percent, and play Miami football.

On playing UCF:
It's a sold out game and I know they'll come out and play 110-percent. We're ranked nine now and they'll come out and play full speed against us and so we gotta do that too.

On injuries on defense:
We have a lot of depth at safety. Ray Ray and Vaughn have stepped up. Arthur Brown is coming along well at linebacker along with Ramon Buchanan so we have depth everywhere. Guys will step up. Our practice speed is like our game speed.

On not having Randy Phillips:
It hurts but we have two guys who can step up.

On not having Ryan Hill:
He's a great player so that's a huge loss to our secondary. Guys like Brandon McGee are coming along real well.

On the secondary's play:
We've made huge strides. Last year we only had four interceptions. We have two or three this year. We're just trying to make huge strides every game.

On the UCF QB:
He can throw and run and he has great receivers and players around him. We gotta play well.

On the kickoff coverage units:
Coach Shannon preaches special teams. Every time we have a special teams meeting, he's in the front seeing who's making the plays. That's the first play of the game so it helps the morale of the whole offense and defense.

On Sam Shields:
Sam has made huge strides. At first he was shaky because he was new but now he's doing his thing and locking things down. Hopefully he'll get some interceptions.

On Brandon McGee:
Brandon is trying to see what others are doing. He was nervous at first being a freshman but he's coming along and will be an excellent player.

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