Prediction Time: UCF

Gameday has arrived. The 9th-ranked Hurricanes will take on UCF tonight in Orlando. Read on for the predictions from some of the writers of CanesTime.

MIKE GOHARI: 3-2 season record (78 points off)

Miami 42, UCF 14 -- This is another game in which the Canes should dominate and the starters should be on the bench by the second half. Keep an eye on the linebacker rotation. It'll be interesting to see who can step up in the wake of the injuries. Look for another nice game from Tommy Streeter, who should see more playing time. It'll also be interesting to see if Damien Berry can put up another solid game. I'd like to see the defense create more turnovers against an overmatched opponent.

RAUL TANO: 3-2 (68 points off)

Miami 34, UCF 14 --

MIKE BAKAS: 3-2 (78 points off)

Miami 34, UCF 20 -- The Canes are battling a lot of injuries this week so it'll be interesting to see who steps up. There are a lot of key defensive players out so the Knights might be able to move the ball a little easier than expected. On the offensive side of the ball, look for Jacory and co. to handle their business as usual.

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