Hank: We can't have anymore close games

Read on to see what wide receiver Leonard Hankerson is saying just a few days before the big game against Clemson.

On Clemson:
They got a good team. The defense plays hard. We know they got many athletes on offense and defense. We're aware of the good team they are.

On the importance of this game:
It's another big game. As we keep winning the games on our schedule, these ones keep getting bigger and bigger.

On his role this season:
I'm enjoying the role from practice to the games. It's been fun seeing everyone coming together, getting wins, and working hard.

On being a go-to guy:
I look at it as we have athletes on the team to go to. I'm just another one who can make plays, be special. We all can make plays at certain times.

On the touchdown catch vs UCF:
I knew it was gonna be tight. I thought I was out of bounds but when I got up after I fell down I saw the refs saying it was a touchdown. I saw a couple of replays and thought 'that was an amazing catch' (laughing).

On the season so far:
We still have a lot left. We haven't won like we wanted. We lost that one game and a couple we barely held on to -- like Florida State, if they make that catch that's a game, if Oklahoma makes that field goal, thats a game. We gotta practice hard and can't have anymore of those close games.

On staying focused on each game:
It's not hard because we gotta look at what's in front of us. We can't worry about what's down the line. We gotta keep working hard and preparing for each game.

On five straight ACC games coming up:
It's important because you gotta take care of your conference before anything. The ACC is home so that's what we gotta take care of.

On a potential title run:
If we keep winning and doing our jobs, it'll all play out.

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