Joseph: Huge challenge Saturday

Joe Joseph understands the challenge facing Miami's defense on Saturday against C.J. Spiller and Clemson's offense. Read on to see what Joseph is saying just a few days before the big game.

On C.J. Spiller:
That's a big challenge for us every week. We've been practicing fundamentals and we gotta go out and work hard, have fun together, and stop him.

On what makes him so good:
He's very explosive and has world class speed. He's a real good talent. We gotta go there, wrap up, gang tackle, and swarm to the ball.

On just thinking of Spiller instead of the whole offense:
It's very tough to avoid that thinking. We gotta go out and practice hard every day and worry about ourselves and focus on the fundamentals.

On the OT win vs Clemson in 2005:
That was my redshirt year. It was a crazy game. I remember the last pass play when Kenny (Phillips) intercepted the ball to the end the game.

On the progress of this team:
We're playing well but we got a long ways to go. We gotta keep getting better every game every week and we'll have a great season in front of us.

On the ACC race:
It's very important to win the ACC. We haven't done it yet. That would be big for us to win the ACC.

On the other teams in the race:
We're not worried about Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, and the rest of the ACC. We gotta worry about us and win every game so we have a chance to go to the ACC Championship Game.

On being 10th in the BCS:
It's amazing. Since I've been playing here we haven't been that high. It feels good but we gotta stay grounded, humble, and try to get higher in the BCS polls.

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