Prediction Time: Clemson

Gameday has arrived. The Hurricanes are set to take on Clemson in a big ACC Conference game at 3:30. Read on for pur picks.

MIKE GOHARI: 4-2 season record (100 points off)

Miami 31, Clemson 24 -- I'm actually really worried about this game because Clemson matches up very well. They have great athletes all over the field and the key matchups to watch are C.J. Spiller against our coverage teams and their D-Line against our O-Line. Keep an eye on Matt Pipho because if he struggles it could be a long day for Jacory. In the end I dont think they can keep up with our passing game and we create some turnovers. It should be an exciting game with lots of big plays.

MIKE BAKAS: 4-2 (98)

Miami 24, Clemson 21 -- The last two games against Clemson were thrillers and this one shouldn't be any different. Don't pay much attention to their 3-3 record because they're probably a lot better than that. This might be the most talented team left on Miami's schedule and most of their top playmakers are from Florida so they'll probably be extra motivated for this one. I can see this one coming down to the wire, with Miami having better quarterback play and having homefield advantage being the two difference makers.

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