Clemson Post-Game: Randy Shannon

The Hurricanes fell to Clemson in overtime by the score of 40-37 on Saturday. Read on to see what head coach Randy Shannon was saying after the game.

Opening Statement:
"It was a tough loss tonight. Clemson just made more plays when they had opportunities to do it. We had sloppy play all night long. If you play a team like Clemson, that has athletes on the football field, and you play sloppy as a unit, let guys hang around and hang around, they're going to (get) opportunities to win the game. I'm not making any excuses. We just played sloppy. The special teams aspect of it, we had a call made and guys chose to do something different. An interception for a touchdown, third and long we're supposed to get off the field – guys blow coverage. When you play that sloppy you're not expecting to win games."

On if he considered going for it on fourth-and-goal from the three in overtime after a penalty on the made field goal:
"No. It was fourth-and-three. It really wasn't going to make a difference."

On three consecutive running plays late in the fourth quarter and if that was too conservative:
"It wasn't conservative. We were trying to run the clock out like we did the last two or three games. We were able to run the football in our four minute offense the last couple of games. That's what I mean by sloppy play. Guys up front blew the check. When that happens, that's going to get you.

On Ford's TD:
"A breakdown. All sloppy play. You give up big plays when you get sloppy."

On Clemson's play:
"They've got some playmakers, a lot of athletes on their team."

On kicking deep before the first half:
"That's what I mean by blown assignments. We had something called, but on the field it was totally different. We made the call coming off the sideline. Everybody knew what we were going to do. Guys didn't get it done."

On Jacory Harris:
"He threw the interceptions. He came back, responded on the touchdown pass. That interception (return for a touchdown) he was trying to get too much out of it. They had a guy sitting up there on the crossing route, and the guy picked it off and ran it for a touchdown. Sloppy. Everything that happened tonight was sloppy play."

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