Clemson Post-Game: Jacory Harris

Jacory Harris made some big plays against Clemson but also threw three picks in the Miami loss. Read on to see what he was saying after the game.

On the feeling of losing:
"This has to be my toughest loss here because we fought so hard throughout the game, and we didn't come out with a victory. We let Clemson outwork us and we turned the ball over too much. It was just the little things that made us get to this point."

On coming back and throwing a touchdown after the 4th quarter interception:
"Coach Whipple has a lot of trust in me, but at the same time I was throwing too many interceptions. He told me he had a lot of faith in me and we just wanted to take a shot. They were giving it up to us the whole game, but at the same time that didn't help us win."

On the rest of the season:
"There is nowhere else to go but to go up. We have to keep on fighting. After Virginia Tech, we didn't want to feel like this and it's unfortunate that we had to come back to the same situation."

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