Shannon recaps Clemson game

Randy Shannon met with the media this morning to review the game and address some questions. Read on to see what he was saying on Sunday morning.

-Shannon said it was just a bad game in every aspect from special teams to offense to defense and that with the exception of the Virginia Tech game easily their worst game of the year.

-He said you can't win games where you allow big plays such as the kick return for a td and int for a td, and they were lucky to even have a chance to win after doing so.

-There were some nicks during the game (wasn't specific on who besides Spence), but they do not know the status of those injuries until the players meet with the doctors probably around noon today. They are really hurting at linebacker and the lack of the depth at the position is the main reason that the linebacker position is a main focus of recruiting.

-Spence really wanted to go back into the game, but they wouldn't let him.

-He said other player who was nicked up during the game and may have come off for a few plays, but returned (fox, colin) are fine and that was strictly cautionary.

- Uribe and Bosher will continue to battle for kickoff duty, but if the game were today it would be Bosher. He said Uribe just 'wasn't in it yesterday' and when asked what Uribe was supposed to do on the kick that Spiller returned for a touchdown, he said that he would not put one of his players on the spots, but the play wasnt executed as planned.

-He said that on the pass play where Spiller beat Spence for the touchdown, there was supposed to be help over top that didn't arrive.

-He said it was a game where both teams kept making big plays and it was going to be a game that was going to end on the last play like it did. Miami couldn't take advantage of the opporunity to put them away when they had it and you can't allow a team like Clemson to hang around.

-Shannon said his team just played sloppy, specifically with all of the penalties. The defensive offsides really drove him crazy as his players were not watching the football and were more focused on the QB. Also he said the unsportsmanlike penalty on the M Rob td was called on Randy Phillips for taking off his helmet 50 yards back just prior to walking off the field.

-He said that Whipple was upset at the end of the first half because they had to waste a time out because the right personnel was not on the field.

-On Jacory's 3 interceptions: "They were bad. Just bad decisions. He had 3 too many, and one went for a touchdown, we can't have that."

-A few players Shannon credited were Sharpton who he says is really coming into his own in the last couple games, Randy Phillips who had a big interception and did well coming up and playing the run, Buchanon who will be big with the lack of depth at linebacker, and lastly Matt Pipho who has had his two best games against d lines with future first-round draft picks (Clemson and OU).

-On the 3 and out towards the end of regulation Shannon said that it was a continuation of sloppy play and that on one of the plays they came out in a bear defense on of the players blew a call. He went on to say that play calling will never be blammed it is the players job to execute and they will never second guess anything they did offensively or defensively.

-Clemson's touchdown in overtime was a blown coverage

-The team is really down after the loss, especially because of the way they lost, and it is now the coaches job to pick them up and getting passed this loss and focusing on Wake. But the rest of the season will really be a test to see how far this team/program has come.

-The team must take it one week at a time and not look ahead.

-Today the team will watch the Clemson film, make adjustments, lift for 2 hours and then go back to the film room to start focusing on Wake Forest

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