UM Loses Commitment

At 6-foot-5 and 330 pounds, Pompano Beach (Fla.) Ely standout offensive lineman Cyrim Wimbs has been committed to Miami for almost two months now but the talented lineman took a visit to Tallahassee this weekend.

"I just got back from Florida State," Wimbs said. "I just wanted to let you know that I backed off my commitment to Miami. It's 50/50 between them and FSU right now."

Wimbs talked more about what he liked most about FSU.

"It went really good," he said. "I really liked it there. I hung out with Greg Jones and Cro Thorpe and some other guys. They're real cool. They're like me in a lot of ways. They showed me a great time and gave me a lot to think about."

The talented lineman compared both programs.

"At Miami, I'll win more," he said. "I'll be in position to win more national championships I think. At Florida State, it's more down to earth. At UM, it's loud and live. You're in the spotlight. At Florida State, people are so nice they actually walk up to you as strangers and say hello. It's not like that at Miami. At Miami, it's closer to home. Miami's 45 minutes while Tallahassee's about five or six hours. At Miami, the players are more loud and like to talk. At Florida State, the players are more quiet. At Miami, I like the coaches and the atmosphere better. There's a lot to like about both of them and it'll be a tough decision."

Wimbs said the first thing he did when he got home today was call UM to inform him of his weekend.

"I talked to Coach Kehoe," he said. "I just told him what's up. He said he understands and that it's my decision. He said that they'll just have to find out on Wednesday since there's a dead period that starts tonight where the coaches can't call or stop by."

Wimbs said he will be part of a signing day press conference at Ely.

"We have a bunch of guys signing," he said. "Bain and Tyrone are definitely going to Miami. There are no second thoughts with them. Teraz [McCray] wants to go to UM, too. He went down there on Saturday for a visit and loved it. They're calling him later this week to let him know whether they're going to offer or not. Coach Kehoe was telling me how he likes him because the shorter, quicker guys are the ones that usually give his guys the most problems."

Wimbs said the shorter, quicker guys are what have given him more problems as well.

"That's the way it is for me too," he said." Like in the Dade/Broward game, the two defensive ends from Dade were 6-2 and 6-7. One was Johnny Dingle. He was quick and shorter and he gave me a tough time. Then that boy Tranell was like 6-7. He wasn't as tough. I was talking junk to him the whole night."

So what's Wimbs going to do on Wednesday?

"Honestly, I don't know yet," he said. "I might surprise some people with what I do. I have a decision to make and I need to make it before 8 on Wednesday. I'm still up in the air right now."

Wimbs said he hung out with several recruits during his visit to Florida State this weekend.

"None of them were talking about UM," he said. "I saw Ernie Sims, Cromartie, Gay, and Mario [Henderson]. Cromartie, Gay [Decody Fagg], and Mario are all going to FSU."

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