Trump: OL takes blame for loss

A.J. Trump said the offensive line accepts part of the blame for Saturday's loss to Clemson. Read on to see what he's saying about that, the Wake Forest game, and more.

On blocking Allen Bailey:
It's a trip. He's like no other. He's explosive, has long arms which a lot of people don't look at, he creates problems for the offensive line. He has a high motor, he's the total package. He's quick, uses his hands, he's strong. He can play anywhere along the front seven.

On Wake Forest:
They're a very solid defense and they play good at home. They have a lot of smart and high motor guys. They did things against us last year that worked well and it'll be a challenge for us.

On Wake having so many experienced players:
You got that and playing us at home. It's one heck of an opportunity for them. Win this game and it turns their whole season around. They'll be up for this and they got some players so it'll be a challenge.

On the Clemson loss:
Sometimes you take a loss like that and it's hard. You can't let it beat you this week. The best thing is to joke around, learn from it, run around, and have fun and that's what we've done. It's never easy coming off a loss. There are a lot of emotional things. I'm sure you guys (media) feel it too. You go through the week wanting to win so bad and when you don't get it, you feel horrible. You have to clean it from your system the best you can and usually by Tuesday you have it out.

On the importance of this week's game:
You definitely don't wanna drop two in a row. We wanna finish 10-2, eventually 11-2. Every game is huge now. That's the way college football is. You can drop any game and this is our national championship this week.

On practice early this week:
It was upbeat. It was fun. Coaches were on us but we came together and had a good time. That's the thing, you gotta go out and execute and have fun. It went well.

On where the Clemson loss ranks:
It's up there, way up there. Virginia Tech was tough but this one is right there. As an offensive line, you're a first down away when it's 3rd-and-2 with three minutes left and we didn't execute. You look at every mistake you made and throughout each game you make 5-10 of them and say 'that cost us a game' and you look back and say 'we could've won the game for the team there'.

On the turnovers:
For us, it's important to keep guys out of Jacory's face. Some of his interceptions weren't really his fault. He had guys in his face, tipped balls. It's a team effort and it's the little things -- carrying the ball, tucking it, finishing your blocks, things like that. You focus on them (in practice) and usually they're eliminated.

On Leonard Hankerson:
He runs excellent routes and he has great hands. He reminds me of a Michael Irvin type. Great hands, great routes, and he has that knack for the endzone.

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