Vegas Franklin Interview

Reserve (La.) East St. John standout defensive end Vegas Franklin made a commitment to Miami two weeks ago but is now unsure of what he's going to do.

"I was committed to Miami but I'm not sure right now," Franklin said moments ago. I'm having a tough time making up my mind right now because there are a lot of things going on still."

So which ones are still involved for the talented defensive end?

"It's out of either Florida State or Miami," he said when asked where he's going to college. "I'll probably sign the papers on Wednesday but I just don't know where it's going to be yet. I really like them both."

At 6-2 and 230, Franklin said he's torn between the two programs.

"The one thing I was looking for the most was being able to fit in," he said. "I felt really comfortable at both of those places and they're both great programs. Now I'm looking mostly at the depth charts. There's an opportunity at both places."

Franklin, who said everyone will find out on Wednesday where he's going, is getting ready for baseball season in the meantime.

"I've been playing baseball for awhile," he said. "It's my second sport. I might even try playing it some in college. I play first base. It's fun and gives me a break from all the football stuff."

So with Franklin being up in the air, what might that have to do with teammate Kirston Pittman?

"We've always talked about going to college together," he said. "Actually, we're still talking about it. I got it down to two while he's still looking at a few other ones."

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