One Team in Mind

For Ofa Mohetau, it's getting to crunch time. The nation's top offensive line prospect is torn between four schools - BYU, Arizona State, Miami and Texas.

"I love the engineering program at ASU," said Mohetau. "The atmosphere in Tempe is terrific and the people seem great.

"I loved the town at BYU and they also have a great engineering program. Plus, I had a great visit there.

"When I went to Texas, that was the first time I spent time in Austin and I really liked it. And it's close to home and that's important to me and my family.

"Miami is has the best football and they are a dominant football team. It's a private school and a small school and I like that about them."

Mohetau, from Euless (Texas) Trinity High School, is a five-star offensive line prospect. So when will big decision be announced?

"I wish I knew. It could be tomorrow or Signing Day. I am in the process of sorting this all out and I do have one team in mind but I just want to make sure."

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