Coop: It's good to be healthy again

Read on to see what running back Graig Cooper was saying following his career day against Virginia on Saturday.

On his long run:
It felt real good. Our offensive line did a good job blocking. the receivers did a good job blocking downfield, and I broke a few tackles. Everyone just did their job.

On beating UVA:
It feels real good. Hard work pays off. We worked hard this week and all we've been thinking about is working hard and it paid off for us.

On his health:
It's the first time I've been 100-percent since the Oklahoma game. When you got nicks and stuff, you play tense. I was able to go play today.

On the team running well:
It's a team thing. We gotta run in order to throw. WHen you throw you gotta have the run game. Without the run game you put a lot of pressure on the offense.

On the break in practice this past week:
That played a big role. Coach Shannon's real smart. He comes up with schemes like that. They're all good decisions. We've been doing all that banging and we came out fresh this week. He wanted us to work on technique (in practice) since we'd been slacking off on that.

On the offensive line: They do a good job. Those guys are doing good. They worked hard all through practice and I'm just real proud of them.

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