Trump: BCS game a possibility

Read on to see what offensive lineman A.J. Trump was saying following Miami's 52-17 win over Virginia on Saturday.

On beating UVA:
It was good coming back, we had a good time. It was good because we were back here in front of our own fans. We owed it to them.

On where the team goes from here:
It doesn't change anything. We gotta keep winning games. Any loss and we're not where we wanna be. Eventually the goal is to win the national championship and that's probably not in the cards now but a good BCS game is a possibility if we win out. We knew after the Clemson game that we had to win out.

On Graig Cooper:
He had a good game against these guys last year and we he had some great schemes and put it together.

Rebounding following the Clemson loss:
You have tough losses with a bunch of young guys like that. We're learning to deal with a loss and I think we're definitely growing.

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