Hank: We came out strong in 2nd half

Read on to see what wide receiver Leonard Hankerson was saying following Miami's 52-17 win over Virginia on Saturday.

On the touchdown catch:
I knew I was gonna get hit. He hit me on my right side but he didn't wrap up. When he hit me, I spun and then I kept running. I turned on my 4.2 speed (laughing).

On getting a big win at home vs UVA:
It meant a whole lot. We all remember the 48-0 game in the Orange Bowl. We practiced last week saying 'remember 48-0'. Everyone remembered that. It means a whole lot to come out and win at home against them. We were protecting the home.

On making adjustments at halftime:
We came in at halftime and were all saying, 'lets go out and make plays, get it going, get it cranked up' and that's what we did.

On starting fast in the third quarter:
It felt real good to come out and finish the game. We came out, worked hard, and competed. We usually come out flat in the second half so it felt good to come out strong.

On his season:
I'm having a whole lot of fun. We're having fun as a team, as a receiver group. We have moments that we challenge each other in practice and in games. Last year I was hurt half the season and instead of watching from the sidelines I'm in the game watching.

On having a good QB:
We cherish that a whole lot. We got a good quarterback, a good offensive line who can proyect, and a good running game that can move the ball. We're taking pride in what we have.

On the communication among WRs:
This year I'm communicating with all the receivers, texting them before meetings and whatever. We were working hard in the offseason and now we're keeping our minds focused on what we need to do as a group.

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