Q&A with Jacory Harris

Read on to see what quarterback Jacory Harris is saying just a few days before the big game against North Carolina on Saturday.

On Miami's 0-3 record in Chapel Hill..
Coach Shannon has been talking about it a lot this week and telling us how we're 0-3 up there. We haven't beat them down here either in a couple of years. It's going to be a tough trip going up there playing against a good defense and good offense and overall a good team.

On not paying attention to the Georgia Tech vs. Duke game…
We just got to stay focused and play our game, because if Duke does win and we lose we don't go. We just need to stay focused and not worry about everything on the side. Sometimes, they put the scores up inside the stadium, but we just need to focus on our game.

On North Carolina's front seven…
Their front seven is outstanding, and their linebackers are good. Oklahoma was very good, but overall North Carolina is the best that we're going to see. It's going to be a tough challenge and something hard to overcome, but we got to fight through it.

On what establishing the run do for the offense..
Establishing the run opens up the pass. It helps you work on of phases of the game. As long as we can run the ball and establish some sort of run game, we will be able to pass the ball and come out of there with a victory.

On spreading the ball around considering the fact that 13 different receivers caught balls against Virginia
That is a lot of guys. Especially when you are scoring points, lots of guys get to play and that's a good thing. We were able to throw some new guys out there in the heat of the battle and let them show us what they can do. It was nice seeing Kendal Thompkins coming down with his first career touchdown. It's exciting seeing everyone have fun.

On this being Miami's best start since 2005 considering he and his Northwestern teammates came to Miami looking to get the "U" back
It's very fulfilling. We wish we could have been undefeated but things happen. We are just taking care of business and having fun. It's a very exciting time on campus and in the locker room everywhere even in the community and we want to keep that going. We don't want to let anyone down. We are basically just having fun.

On not hitting a wall this season
Yeah last year we kinda stunk it up the last three games against Georgia Tech, NC State and Cal. But this year were trying not to let that happen. I know a lot of us last year were tired but we worked on that this summer and been working real hard. I don't think this year that we are tired or even tired in games. We are in good condition and play fast every play.

On tight end Jimmy Graham
Jimmy is doing good. He's coming around. He is one of the guys you can depend on now. When you need him to catch a ball, he's going to catch it. Overall, all the tight ends are doing well. They are all doing great things for us. Tervaris Johnson is doing a great job. He's making a lot of blocks that most people don't expect him to make, but he's doing it.

On tight end Tervaris Johnson:
I always knew he was a great blocker, and he's been showing us that since we moved him to that position. Now, he's just showing us that he's also a very smart guy. During the last game, it was a third down where I scrambled out of the pocket and threw it to LaRon, and he remembered to come all the way back cross the protection to the right side, and one guy came free. Tervaris came all the way back cross the position and he hit him….He's picked up on the offense very well and he's a very smart guy.

On if the focus changes if GT beats Duke
No, we still have a season and we still have a bowl game to go to. We want to go into that bowl game no matter what happens full throttle, and ready to play against whomever we play. Whatever bowl we're in, that's the bowl we're gonna play.

On if the wide outs are upset at not playing much
Not really. Those guys play on all the special teams, and they go out there and have fun. They run down there full speed. They're just happy to be on the field at this point and time. Some are redshirt freshmen, just wanting to get some playing time. When they do get in there, they got to make things happen, and they're taking care of their business when they do get in.

On the vocal leaders of the wideouts
I would have to say Leonard Hankerson. He's like the senior guy. He'll call meetings. He does everything. He's a vocal guy.

On the running backs sharing time:
It's hard to keep everybody happy when everybody is as talented as the next. All we emphasize is that when you get the ball, you got to make something happen. Whoever's hot is the one who is going to be getting the ball the majority of the time, so that's who is going to be in. You don't really have one guy that just stays in the whole game.

On running back Mike James
I was just talking to Mike yesterday and telling him how thankful I am for him being back there. Pat Hill went down, and Pat was a great player at fullback. He's a type of guy who is tough and has a lot of heart.

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