Q&A with Jimmy Graham

Read on to see what tight end Jimmy Graham is saying just a few days before the big game against North Carolina.

On the basketball season getting going:
I went by a practice about a week ago. I'm excited to see them play. It'll be a little weird going to games. I'm definitely gonna support them because they're still part of my family.

On being in the news in football:
It feels good. It's everything I dreamed of. So far we've had an OK season and we're just trying to finish strong and we have a big game Saturday.

On 13 different receivers catching the ball:
It's big. Jacory definitely shares the ball. I think that's why we've been so successful so far. It's very, very exciting to play for. I feel blessed.

On playing at North Carolina:
We're 0-3. I remember the loss in the back of the endzone (last year). I was at the game. I've won there before (in hoops) but I know the (football) seniors haven't so it's a big game for us. It'll be sold out probably, a good atmosphere. That's what we like and we're really excited.

On Butch Davis:
Everyone's motivated to beat us. Everyone brings their A game. We know it'll be an A-plus game for them and hopefully we do the same.

On UNC's defense:
Their front seven is amazing -- one of the best we've seen. Their defensive line is great, probably the best we've played. It'll be a great challenge for our offensive line and running game. We saw the stats from the last game and they weren't too exciting so we have to change that.

On now playing UNC in football:
I remember playing in the arena and now it'll be on the field. It's the same Carolina blue. I'm from North Carolina so a win in North Carolina is sweet to me.

On Tervaris Johnson:
He's been big. He's had a wonderful season. What he's done as far as blocking and catching, he's done everything for us. He's even played fullback. He does whatever the coaches ask of him to perfection. He's been a big part of the tight ends.

On the continued learning experience:
I'm pretty comfortable. Every day I'm still learning. Even this last game, when we watched film, Coach Whipple and Coach Pannunzio had something new to tell me. I'm getting more comfortable out there, feeling more fluid. I'm excited to see where it goes.

On finishing the season well:
It's big. I remember saying the reason I came to (football) is to help the team get back and it's been wonderful but the process isn't over. It's just the beginning. For us to get back to where Miami used to be will take a lot of hard work but it's definitely been exciting for me.

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