Trump: We gotta get it cranking

Read on to see what offensive lineman A.J. Trump was saying about the North Carolina game, the upcoming Duke game, and more.

On running out of time before the half vs UNC:
It was one of those things, we were in a hurry, thought we had the momentum. We didn't think we had to use them. You try to save them or you use them early. It's tough to look back, it's hard.

On whether Jacory's presence has changed at all:
He hasn't changed at all. He's grown up. He's gotten smarter and learned from some of the tough days he's had. He's the same kid -- screwing around and having a good time. I mean screwing around in a good way. He's just having a good time. He's still Jacory. I haven't seen a change in him. He's the leader and you like that.

On Jacory's play if they want to win out:
We need everybody. Jacory's the key to our offense. It runs through him. He's vital. Him being there is important and he'll be there.

On senior day Saturday:
I can't wait. I got the whole family coming in. Senior day is always a fun day. It's a noon game. It'll be cranking.

On the pick six vs UNC he almost made a tackle on:
The one I almost made the tackle on was the second one he scored on. I thought I had him. I haven't made a tackle in a few years. The last one was the Cal game. It looked like he pitched it forward. I thought we were right. I didn't see him bobble it and push it forward. I thought it was gonna be a penalty. When I missed the tackle I thought I had a guy or two behind me.

On the whole offense not chasing on that play:
I think he (the DB) was too far ahead on a lot of guys. It's no excuse not to run. You can't tell what's going through their minds. Even for me to think, that was stupid.

On getting pumped for these final few games:
It's not about a rah rah speech. We know we have the talent. We know we have the coaches. You just gotta get cranking, can't be loafing around. They feed off what me, Fox, and Jacory do as leaders on offense. It'll be more business as usual.

On Saturday being emotional for the seniors:
It's starting to sink in a little bit. It's getting kinda crazy. It still hasn't hit me. It'll be cool walking out with the family. It'll be a little sad but then we go to Tampa next week, which is my hometown. I'll probably have 35-40 people in the stands watching me so that'll be more emotional for me.

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