Hankerson: We gotta give better effort

Read on to see what wide receiver Leonard Hankerson is saying about the North Carolina game, the upcoming Duke game, and more.

On being banged up as a team:
It's very important for everyone to be in the training room and staying healthy.

On winning out:
It's a big deal but we're focused on Duke right now. We know they're gonna play us hard. We can't expect to run all over them. We gotta go out and do it.

On the Duke game last year:
They had a regular offense. They're gonna come play us tough. We gotta give it our all like they're gonna do by playing us hard.

On Jacory's struggles vs UNC:
I'm guessing it's not all on him. It's the whole team -- the blocking, the receivers running their routes and catching. It's on all of us. A couple of the interceptions could have gotten knocked down. The two that got run back, we didn't give enough effort to make the tackle. It's not all on him. He's very competitive. He's gonna go out and give it his all and get the job done.

On Jacory's cast:
I'm not worried at all. It's not gonna affect him. We gotta go play hard.

On the pick six play:
I'm guessing a lot of guys saw it as a lateral and didn't give it their all. There wasn't much effort on that play including myself when I first saw it get picked off. I was kinda upset. I didn't give a lot of effort until I saw the lateral and that's when I took off when I saw everyone stopping.

On the seniors wanting that UNC win:
It's very difficult for the seniors who have played up there. That's like four losses in a row in Chapel Hill. We were trying to get that win for the seniors. They won't get a chance to play them up there ever again. It's tough for them and us for not getting that win.

On rebounding this week:
It's very important not to dwell on it. We gotta keep practicing hard and working hard, keep competing, keep pushing forward and not go backwards.

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