Q&A with Colin McCarthy

Read on to see what linebacker Colin McCarthy is saying just before the game against USF.

About playing USF:
We're trying to get that ninth win. We're excited for USF. People are excited around the area, playing at Raymond Jones, we're excited.

On knowing USF players:
I might know a couple. I haven't looked at the roster but they got a lot of players from the Tampa area and nearby that I may have played against.

On getting a victory:
We gotta finish the season strong. It's something we've lacked in previous years -- finishing string. We gotta win this game to get to a better bowl game. We wanna send the seniors out with a win. We've struggled on the road as far as starting fast. USF is a good team, it'll be sold out. Hopefully we get the win and then get a chance to come back for a bowl game.

On the team's improvement:
I think we've taken steps from the beginning of the year until now to show we've grown. We're finally buying into what the coaches are saying. We've always worked hard, always pushed. Now we're starting to see the wins and we gotta continue that.

On USF's offense:
It starts with the quarterback. He's real athletic. He can run the ball when he's in space and he's hard to bring down. He's a good thrower, the offensive line is good. They have good running backs. It's nothing we haven't seen already so we gotta continue getting better. It's gonna be another challenge for us.

On the ACC this season:
I think we did OK. Obviously the Virginia Tech game hurt us. Clemson and North Carolina, I wish we could have those games back as far as we didn't finish the opportunity we had. We struggled at times and it hurts but we're excited about USF, trying to get that ninth win.

On the bowl possibilities:
I have no idea. The more games we win, the better bowl game we'll get. Finishing out with a win over USF, having the season we had, I feel like we'll play in a good bowl game against a tough opponent and hopefully we'll come out with a win.

On John Lovett coaching LB's:
He wants us being students of the game as far as watching film, giving us reps in practice, and building depth. That's been his main thing since he's been here. The thinner we've gotten, the opportunities for the younger guys to gain experience in games has been there. He's trying to develop them throughout spring ball and camp and the results now show.

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