Q&A with Leonard Hankerson

Read on to see what Leonard Hankerson is saying just before the game against USF on Saturday.

On USF's speed on defense:
They're a fast defense but I don't think they'll be the fastest we've seen.

On Kayvon Webster:
I'm not really sure. I haven't seen him in there.

On USF playing Miami:
This means a whole lot to them. Last year people were talking about them being in the top 3 in Florida and putting Miami out. It's gonna be like a Super Bowl up there for them.

On winning this game:
It's gonna be very important. We gotta focus on USF, finishing business, and getting the ninth win. It's big, knowing we've improved from last year and the year before. We were working hard to get the job done.

On his improvement this season:
My first few years I didn't do much like I wanted so last offseason I came out and worked hard, put extra time on the field and in the weight room, did everything I could do to prepare.

On his season so far:
It's going smoothly. The offseason helped me a lot. It helped me focus on catching the ball, things like that.

On the ACC season:
It didn't go as good as we wanted. We wanted to win all of them and didn't wanna only win five and lose three.

On the new jerseys:
We're excited about wearing them. They've been talking about them since the first game of the season. People have been trying them on and stuff. It's exciting to see how they're gonna fit and stuff.

On the new gloves:
We get new gloves for every game so we never try them on anyways.

On what to expect from USF:
I saw a little of them. They got a good number of athletes, a great defensive line. They're tough on defense and they work hard and compete. It's gonna be a good game.

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