Q&A with A.J. Trump

Read on to see what offensive lineman A.J. Trump is saying just before he returns to his hometown to take on the USF Bulls.

On being his last regular season game:
I'm gonna miss the fans. It hasn't really hit me yet to be honest. It's not something I've thought about yet. Give me a couple months and I'll be like 'damn, give me a piece of the field or something'.

On the new jerseys:
I can't wait. I saw FSU's last weekend and they looked cool. They gotta give me a pair of gloves. They're cool. That's something that will help us on the road. We'll all be looking good.

On the schedule after this game:
Coach Swasey will be working with us. I don't know the rules but I know it's super important to be in a good mood for that time. It helps.

On winning the last regular season game:
The worst part about losing is that next week. If you lose the last game you gotta wait a month before the next game. You really wanna go off on a good note or else that month is rough.

They wanna be considered one of the elite. They've done some great things in a short amount of time. They wanna be part of the conversation.

On the ACC season:
I think we could have done better, obviously. The ACC is so close every year, the ball can always bounce a certain way. We loafed around for the first quarter and ended up losing some games. You never wanna think about the losses. I wish things could have been different, especially when the team we beat is going to the championship game.

On the three losses:
We started too slow in every game. We started way too slow. We made a little run in the second and third quarter and then kinda fizzled out. Against Wake we finished the game, FSU we finished. The coaches are stressing that's something we gotta focus on.

On playing on the road:
When you're at home, it's easy. The crowd's going. You're in front of your friends and family. On the road, it's harder to get up and that's why it's harder to win on the road. The coaches have been on us this week and we're ready to go.

On getting 10 wins this season:
You don't wanna look too far ahead. They got a great team and a great defense. You always wanna finish the year well. Our goal is 10 wins and so we gotta go get number nine and that's our focus.

On the young linemen:
They're coming along real good. Brandon Washington saw some playing time last week and did a great job, graded out well. Tyler Horn's gonna be a player. People keep asking what's gonna happen at center when I leave. That kid can play. From the inside, I know he'll be fine.

On Jason Fox's career starts:
I started playing my redshirt freshman year and I was out for the year four plays later. I got a whole lot of respect for what he's done. That takes a lot of hard work, a lot of time in the training room, and a little luck. I admire what he's done.

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