Shannon talks about upcoming game

Read on to see what Miami coach Randy Shannon is saying about his team's upcoming bowl game against Wisconsin.

On playing in the 2009 Champs Sports Bowl
It's big for us. Our players have done a great job of working to get into this position where we are today. I think the more we continue to work is progress. I think this is one of the best bowls for us, we know that we couldn't win up in the Orange Bowl and we feel that the Champs Sports Bowl is the next best bowl for us and our fan base. We drew a big crowd when we played Central Florida, we drew a big crowd when we played South Florida and when we played in Tallahassee against Florida State we had a great crowd there. The showing throughout the state is unbelievable and I think the fan support is going to be unbelievable when we play Wisconsin on December 29.

On whether or not playing in Orlando is advantage for the Hurricanes
Not really. It's a situation where you just have to go out and play. Two great teams that go out there and try to get a 10th win. When you have those kinds of teams that go out play hard and physical and know what to expect from each other and have a lot of respect for each other, were going to go out and have one of those games that one will remember and enjoy the night.

On whether the common notion that players in the South have speed and players from the Midwest have size
Everybody recruits speed. It's not going to be a situation where were going to be faster than those guys or they're going to be faster than us. We have a big offensive line, they have a big offensive line. They have big guys on defense, we have big guys on defense. It's going to work itself out. Its just a myth that if you're down south you run faster.

On recruiting in South Florida and building the program
I think with this young football team that we have right now with a quarterback that's a sophomore, receivers that are sophomores, defensive backs like true freshman Ray Armstrong, redshirt freshman Vaughn Telemaque and sophomore Sean Spence, we have a lot of young guys on this football team, especially on our defensive front. These are all young football players that play hard and with a lot of excitement and experience. The more they mature, the better off we're going to be as a football team. We're going to continue to recruit the state of Florida and that's the one thing that we have the most success from. We've got two players from Orlando and we're going on the west coast and also getting players from South Florida. You can't get all of them, but if you can get a nucleus of them and go outside the state, you're going to be ok.

On the matchup against Wisconsin
They can run the football. They are a big, hard-nosed team that believes in establishing the run and they're not going to bend in the run game. They are not going to sit up and go "okay, if we can't run the ball in the first 20 plays then we'll start throwing it". They're going to come out and still establish the run. They are going to play hard-nosed defense, stop the run and not give up big plays. They're going to play great special teams. When you look at both team its kind of equal. I'm a defensive coach, Bret is a defensive coach. Both of us believe in running the football, playing great on special teams and playing hard defense. It's going to be a matchup that you'll want to see. There's going to be thrills and some highs and lows, but the team that stays focused in the fourth quarter is the one that will win it.

On the Miami fan support
They'll be a lot of fans there on December 29. A lot of ex players have called in getting tickets for the game, a lot fans from south Florida and our alumni base in Jacksonville have been buying tickets. They keep selling the tickets in Jacksonville. Across the state they're going to come see a great game and give the University of Miami great support.

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