2009 Awards: Game of the Year

The 2009 season is nearing completion so lets take a look back. The staff at CanesTime has voted on various awards and we'll be posting a new one each day in the coming weeks. Read on to see what's being said about the 2009 Game of the Year.

Mike Gohari: -- Miami vs. Oklahoma. Despite the fact that Oklahoma was without their all American Quarterback and Tight end, this is without a doubt to me the game of the year. We were coming off a terrible loss to Virginia Tech and many wanted to see how this "young" hurricane team would respond to adversity, and we performed wonderfully against the 8th ranked team in the nation at the time. This game also saw the emergence of Ray Ray Armstrong as a big hitter (just ask Mr. Murray), our offensive line protecting Jacory against arguably the best front seven in all of football, Javarris James playing the best game of his collegiate career, and a play action call on third and 6 to pick up the first down that had me wondering where Mark Whipple had been all of my life. A terrific game in which both teams fought hard and the atmosphere at the stadium was the best that I had seen yet, Oklahoma is my game of the year.

David Villavicencio: -- Oklahoma. Coming off their first loss of the season -- a 31-7 debacle at Virginia Tech – the Hurricanes rebounded nicely against Oklahoma. While Miami came away with a 21-20 victory over the Sooners, it did not look promising early on. Jacory Harris opened the game with interceptions on Miami's first two drives but settled down to finish with three touchdowns and 202 yards on the day. Miami's ground game received a major boost from senior Javarris James, who toted the rock 15 times for 150 yards, and the Canes' defense was able to hold on late in the game to escape with a victory over the No. 8 Sooners.

Alex Ordoqui: -- The game of the year was another classic match-up between Miami and Florida State. The Canes beat their archrival in a 38 to 34 thriller at Doak Campbell Stadium. The game featured a spectacular duel between Miami quarterback Jacory Harris and FSU quarterback Christian Ponder. Harris delivered some spectacular passes to lead a go-ahead drive with 1:53 left in the game. Then it was Ponder's chance to give his team the lead and he marched his team down to the 2 yard line with 14 seconds left. The Canes made a phenomenal goal line stand to escape Tallahassee with a victory. FSU coaching legend Bobby Bowden called it one of the best games he had ever been a part of. Harris put his mark on the rivalry by throwing for 386 yards, which is the most a Miami QB has ever had against the Seminoles. The game was truly memorable and was the most exciting game in the Canes' 2009 season.

Raul Tano: -- Miami vs. Oklahoma. Having gone to Norman in 2007 to witness the 'Canes get crushed, it was sweet for me personally to be on the field as the clock hit triple zeros in the 4th. Sure, Oklahoma went on to had a mediocre season, but at the time, it was a season-defining and potentially program-defining win akin to our victory against UCLA in 1998. The kids on the team NEEDED this win to show them that they can hang with anyone in the country, and they got it.

Mike Bakas: -- Miami 33, Georgia Tech 17. Perhaps the most interesting part about this game going into the season is that it was probably the one Miami was most likely to win of the first four. It was a home game and Georgia Tech's team didn't appear to be quite as strong as some of the other teams on the early-season schedule, such as Virginia Tech and Oklahoma. Now, looking back on it, the Yellow Jackets were probably the best team Miami played all season. And what happened? The Canes dominated. It may not be the most exciting game of the year but it was certainly Miami's best game this season. The Canes did a tremendous job of defending Georgia Tech's triple option – something they could not even come close to doing in Atlanta last season. And while Tech's defense wasn't real strong this season, Miami put the game away early with a lot of big plays. After Miami's first touchdown drive, the Canes seemed to have the contest in cruise control and they ended up steamrolling a team that will be playing in the Orange Bowl in a couple weeks. Had Miami played like this every week this season, they'd be undefeated. This may have been Miami's most impressive showing during the Randy Shannon era. It was like old-school Miami. Good opponent? Doesn't matter. Miami will dominate. Hopefully the Canes can get back to playing every big game at this level.

Results: Oklahoma 3, Florida State 1, Georgia Tech 1

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