2009 Awards: Moment of the Year

The 2009 season is nearing completion so lets take a look back. The staff at CanesTime has voted on various awards and we'll be posting a new one each day in the coming weeks. Read on to see what's being said about the 2009 Moment of the Year.

Mike Gohari: -- Goal line stand at FSU. We stopped our rivals, the Florida State Seminoles, FIVE TIMES on a goal line stand from the 2-yard line, in their stadium to start the season. Even Mr. Bowden said that it was one of the top five games that he has ever been a part of. Had we lost this game, our season would have unfolded completely differently. I have to believe that the momentum of this win carried over into the Georgia Tech game. My heart was pounding out of my chest the entire final drive, and it was a great way to start the season.

David Villavicencio: -- Surviving at Florida State. This is the game that started it all. A loss in this see-saw battle could have sent the young Hurricanes spiraling downward in a hurry. The 38-34 victory at Doak Campbell Stadium started the Canes' year strong as they navigated through a treacherous four-game gauntlet to open the season. All of Hurricane nation rejoiced the moment Jarmon Fortson dropped his third consecutive pass in the end zone from FSU quarterback Christian Ponder. The Canes had pulled off the upset against their in-state rival and the 2009 season got off to an excellent start.

Alex Ordoqui: -- The moment of the year was Miami's goal line stand vs. Florida State to preserve a 38 to 34 victory. A pass interference call on Brandon Harris placed FSU on the 2 yard line with 14 seconds to go. On first down, Harris deflected a Christian Ponder pass that was intended for Jarmon Forston. On second down, Ponder tried to find Forston again, but the ball sailed high and now the rivalry would be decided by a last second play once again. Ponder rolled out and fired a pass to Forston once again, but the pass hit the ground just before Forston was able to control it. The Canes stormed the field in celebration after a booth review confirmed the pass was incomplete. The goal line stand is the signature moment in the Randy Shannon era so far and is easily the most memorable moment of the 2009 season.

Raul Tano: -- The final play of the UM FSU game. What a ballgame that was. Geez. That moment set the trend for the success of our season and the disappointment of FSU's. If FSU hits that pass, are we still 9-3 right now? 8-4? I can't say.

Mike Bakas: -- The closing moment of the FSU game. In a series that seems to bring out the best games in both teams, this one ended up being another thriller in the long line of them. Miami had the lead going into the final minute but FSU was knocking on the door in the closing seconds. An FSU touchdown would have given them the win and who knows what type of season Miami would've had. Instead, the Canes held on, found themselves back in the national rankings, and it added some extra motivation to their game the following week against Georgia Tech. It's hard to argue against that being the moment of the year for the Canes in 2009.

Results: final play vs. FSU 4

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