2009 Awards: Offensive Play of the Year

The 2009 season is nearing completion so lets take a look back. The staff at CanesTime has voted on various awards and we'll be posting a new one each day in the coming weeks. Read on to see what's being said about the 2009 Offensive of the Year.

Mike Gohari -- Aldarius Johnson's fourth down catch at Wake -- In a game where we looked like everything besides a competent team, Aldarius Johnson makes an absolutely spectacular 29 yard catch that keeps us in the game on 4th and 16. Jacory pretty much threw up a prayer and Aldarius got way up and pulled the ball down. My outlook on the season would be a little different had we lost to Wake in this game due to the fact that we are better than them at essentially every position. Despite all of the mistakes we made it was nice to see the canes run the two minute drill and Aldarius' catch was definitely the highlight of the drive.

David Villavicencio -- Jacory Harris to Travis Benjamin vs FSU -- I am giving this award to Harris and Benjamin for every play they made against Florida State. The sophomores connected four times during the opening game against the Seminoles and each was a crucial completion. The pair connected early in the first quarter for a 39-yard touchdown that put Miami ahead 7-0. Then in the third quarter, the duo connected on a 29-yard post pattern that led opened a drive that ended in a Harris rushing touchdown to put Miami ahead 24-23. Hrris hit Benjamin again in the fourth, to pick up 20 more yards as Miami marched down the field to tie the game at 31. Finally, the two completed the pass that everyone remembers. With Miami down 34-31, Harris threw a perfect pass, connecting with Benjamin for 40 yards and putting the Canes at the FSU three-yard line. One play later, Miami took the lead for good when Graig Cooper ran for the game-winning touchdown. Without Harris and Benjamin, Miami would have had a tough time in their season opener against the Seminoles and that is why they are the recipients of my Offensive Plays of the Year award.

Alex Ordoqui -- The offensive play of the year was Jacory Harris' 40 yard pass to Travis Benjamin vs. Florida State that set up Graig Cooper's game winning 3-yard touchdown run. The throw was a remarkable over the shoulder toss against double coverage on the edge of the sideline. Harris' pass gave Miami fans hope that a Hurricane offense that has been stagnant since Ken Dorsey's graduation was finally coming alive. It will go down as one of the most memorable plays in the storybook Miami and Florida State rivalry.

Raul Tano -- I would say Jacory hitting Travis Benjamin on that post corner route late in the 4th at FSU to go up by a score late. What a beautiful pass and catch. Even the announcers couldn't help but say "wow" as they tried to catch their breath.

Mike Bakas -- It was 4th and 16. The Canes were facing a second straight defeat if they were unable to convert. Wake Forest had been beating Miami all night. A loss would've sent the Canes to 5-3 on the season and knocked the Canes from the national rankings. Were we going to witness a major upset? Would the Canes be unable to rebound following a close home loss to Clemson in overtime? Would the Canes be able to overcome a game that started 20-0 in Wake's favor? All of those were answered in a big way on this play. It's the play that possibly saved a decent season for the Canes. It's a play that goes down as arguably the most important one of the entire season. Jacory Harris dropped back and found Aldarius Johnson for a gain of 29 yards. It was a solid throw but a terrific catch. It's a play that Miami's coaches probably won't soon forget. Is Miami going to return to the national elite under Randy Shannon? If so, people may point to a 9-3 (possibly 10-3 by next week) 2009 season that really got the ball rolling in that direction. If that's the case, there may not be a single more important play than this one. Harris has been throwing balls to Johnson for a few years now going back to their high school days. Perhaps none was ever bigger than this one.

Results: Harris to Benjamin vs FSU 3, Harris to Johnson vs Wake 2

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