Harris: They played harder than us

Read on to see what quarterback Jacory Harris was saying following Miami's 20-14 loss to Wisconsin on Tuesday night.

Q. How difficult was it? They kept coming in waves. Until the second touchdown drive you couldn't get anything consistently going. What were they throwing at you?

JACORY HARRIS: They had a good defensive line. They came with a lot of pressure. At the same time, I got to get the ball out a little bit quicker. When we ran the twominute offense, that allowed me to make quicker reads, just get the ball out of my hands. We became successful with that.
I guess, you know, when you allow them to get their speed rushing guys up the field and then the big strong defensive tackles in the middle, you know, it's going to take effect.

Q. If you look at your season from the first game of the year against Florida State, threw for nearly 400 yards, big win, three touchdowns, then something happened after like the Oklahoma game. You kind of hit a wall. Is there something you can pinpoint what happened in your game from the beginning of the year to tonight?

JACORY HARRIS: No. Just making a lot of mental mistakes. I don't know. Going back and looking at it, as I do, I looked at all of my interceptions. I say about seven of them came on the same play. It's just a lot of things that's mental.
You know, my teammates that are around me, they support me a lot. They've been a big help this whole season, and they supported me this whole season. There's nothing I can complain about. And I know, you know, I put everything on myself.

Q. Did the hits they had have an effect on you?

JACORY HARRIS: No. You still got to play the game. If you hurt, you injured, your leg broke, just tape it up. Got to get out there and play a game. I'm not coming out for nothing.

Q. After one play you sort of like yelled at your offensive line. Were you trying to take a leadership role after that play?

JACORY HARRIS: I didn't yell. I was just telling them to come on, we got to step it up. I was asking him what happened. He told me what happened. I told him, We can't keep making these mental mistakes. You know, we corrected a little bit and got it straight.

Q. Same question I asked coach. Controlling the ball for such long stretches of time, did that put a little pressure on you mentally when you got back in the game not to make a mistake? Also, how physical were they compared to other defenses you met this year?

JACORY HARRIS: It does kind of change the game plan a little bit when you have to  you know, you're playing against the time, because you if don't score, they're going to take about 10 minutes off of the clock. So you got to make sure you execute on all plays. You know, make sure we're doing everything correct and everything right because we got  against this type of team, you're supposed to put up a lot of points. Put 'em up fast because they can hold the ball and they can take away a lot of the time, so...

Q. You've probably been hit more this year than maybe in your entire career up to this point. How much are you really looking forward to this offseason to heal and rest? What do you work on from now until September? What is the next level you have to get to?

JACORY HARRIS: Oh, man. Next level we got to get to is I guess finishing the season strong, just learning how to finish. That's something that we got to put into our minds during the offseason by telling ourselves, you know, in everything we do, just finish. Hopefully that will carry over into the season.
You know, everybody's looking towards the offseason. But if I could play this game again in the same state that I am, I still go out there and play, give my 110%, because I wanted to win the game. I'm sure everybody on our team wanted to win the game.
But Wisconsin came out there and played harder than us today.

Q. Just wondering if you tweaked your back toward the end of the first half. The other thing was, when you moved the ball so quickly down the field at the end of the game, was there any reason why you weren't able to do much of that throughout the first three quarters?

JACORY HARRIS: Throughout the first three quarters we weren't running a twominute offense. We were running our basic offense. When time came down, we had to run our twominute offense.
Like Coach Shannon said, you got to see the doctor. I don't know what's wrong with me.

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